Cyberbullying is the repeat use of threat, intimidation or exclusion to hurt somebody psychologically which happens via cell phone texting, emails, social media, image sharing, or blogs. The challenge with cyberbullying is that it follows the victim everywhere and aggresses around the clock.

Victim or abuser? You may be surprised.

Anyone from any family can bully to build self-esteem the wrong way, sometimes without realizing the extent of damage to the victim. Bullying can start as a simple tease and escalate. A child's bullying behavior is a symptom of something deeper – s/he may be feeling vulnerable, insecure, angry, or lonely; or in a life situation that is stressful. But for others, bullies often have the highest levels of self-esteem and social status.

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Before the Internet, bullying ended when you withdrew from whatever environment you were in. But now, the bullying dynamic is harder to contain and harder to ignore”.

The New Yorker, Oct. 21, 2015

Happy children make for happy adults.

Let's ensure that our children have childhoods that are joyful and free of the harm and stress that cyberbullying creates. Let's do all we can to allow them to grow into positive, productive adults.

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It May Be A Crime

It is a crime in Barbados if it involves threats of violence, extortion, child pornography, unsolicited sexually explicit messages or photos.

Prevent It

Be a role model at home: ◦ Ensure respect among family members. ◦ Do not ridicule your children. ◦ Embrace tolerance and respect for differences.

Stop It

Do not ignore the problem and think that children can work it out without adult help because bullies will continue to abuse their power.

Shut It Down!

Block the bullies – Use the built-in tools on social networks and mobile services to block anyone who is cyberbullying.

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