The Rotary Club of Barbados (RCOB) is on a mission to ensure that every adult and child in Barbados is educated on the social plague of cyberbullying and inspired enough to prevent and stop it. Given the fast penetration of technology, online bullying – which can take the form of rumors, mean comments, social exclusion, embarrassing pictures or videos – is affecting the well being of both children and adults. With children utilising text and social media at younger ages, often without parental supervision, cyberbullying has reached epidemic proportions. It is one of the most severe youth stressors causing mental illness and too often, death.


Fortunately, research has demonstrated that the problem can be resolved if both children and adults are aware and get actively involved in the behavioral change process.


The RCOB mobilized a committee of diverse professionals to design a nationwide anti-cyberbullying strategy that creates awareness and influence behaviours. Thanks to corporate sponsors such as FLOW and Scotiabank, the social marketing campaign will be rolled out in 2016 through an integrated communications programme comprising television, online videos, educational brochures, web, social media, contests and activities with other partners. Rotary is urging everyone to get involved.